Your commercial lighting can account for close to 35 percent of your business’s energy use. Are you using the right lighting solution and light bulb combination to get the most bang for your buck? There are a multitude of lighting options available, but how do you know which is right for your business?


Commercial lighting is specially designed for the illumination of commercial premises in order to accommodate various business activities, from manufacturing to sales. By utilizing different colors, designs, and intensities, commercial lighting options offer custom solutions for various applications. Commercial ballasts, for instance, are used with fluorescent lights to limit current to fluorescent bulbs and prevent them from increasing uncontrollably, overheating and burning out. A ballast is matched specifically to the light bulb it operates. Compared to residential fluorescents, these commercial fluorescents produce stronger magnetic interference, as well as more heat, making proper installation important in protecting against fire hazards and interference with electronics.


  • Incandescent: Older technology makes incandescent bulbs less efficient than other choices and best utilized for task lighting requiring high levels of brightness. Beginning in 2012, the Department of Energy requires these bulbs to produce the same amount of light using less wattage. There are many types including: general service/standard, reflectorized, and xenon.
  • Halogen: Twice as efficient as an incandescent, they produce a very bright white light and are commonly used in outdoor applications such as security and stadium lighting.
  • Fluorescent : The most commonly used commercial lighting, fluorescents and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), use 1/5 to 1/3 as much electricity as an incandescent. They also last 10 times longer and have comparable lumen ratings (the rating of the amount of light a light source produces). A CFL can be used in place of an incandescent in standard light sockets for energy savings. All fluorescents contain mercury, and should be disposed of properly.
  • HID/Metal halide: High-intensity discharge bulbs have a long life, are extremely efficient, and produce large quantities of very bright light. However with the exception of metal halides, they do not produce pleasing light colors. They are commonly used in warehouses and industrial applications.
  • LED: Light emitting diodes used in LED lighting are typically more efficient and longer lasting than any other type of light bulb, using 75 percent less energy than an incandescent and lasting 35 to 50 times longer.


  • Lights are dim or flicker
  • Lights don’t turn on or off when they should
  • Frequent light bulb burnout
  • Cracked or burnt out lights
  • Light bulb explosions
  • Lighting color seems off
  • Lights do not achieve the desired level of illumination
  • A preference for softer, brighter, or cooler light
  • Upgrading to longer life bulbs for convenience and savings
  • The excessive energy consumption of older technology bulbs.


 Since performance depends on the type of light bulb used, choose the most efficient light bulb that meets your business’s needs. Upgrading your business’s lighting with today’s technology can cut lighting energy use in half. Keep in mind fixture selection and proper installation are also important in gaining efficient and effective use of any light bulb, however, and the results can be seen in improved lighting. With good design and proper installation, lighting improvements typically pay for themselves in a few years. Inland Northwest Electric caters to many types of lighting:
  • Incandescent
  • Halogen
  • Flood Lights
  • Fluorescent
  • Compact Fluorescent
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Projector Bulbs
  • Neon Lights
  • Mercury
  • Metal Halide
  • Sodium Lamps
  • Motion Sensors
  • Dimmers/Timers
  • Security Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Custom Lighting
  • Track and Accent
  • Recessed Lighting
Contact Inland Northwest Electric today for help choosing the right light bulb or lighting solution for your business. We offer installation, repair, upgrades, and replacement services to suit your needs.
Landscape lighting is one of the most dramatic improvements that you can make to a home or garden, regardless of size, shape or elevation. Inland Northwest Electric offers complete landscape lighting design solutions to add beauty and security to any home. Inland Northwest Electric has a team of experts dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and superior craftsmanship. Our technicians provide you with the quality and professionalism you have been looking for when it comes to your custom landscape lighting needs while bringing your vision to life.


Ambiance and Entertainment

Create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining with landscape lighting. Illuminate pools, decks, outdoor kitchens, patios, recreational spaces and sitting areas long after the sun sets. Landscape lighting sets the tone for any occasion and gives your guests an experience they will not forget.


Accentuate the architecture of your home while showcasing its artistry and charm. Allow your guests to experience the beauty of your fountains, flowers, trees and shrubs at any time of day. We will construct dramatic scenes that reveal the subtle contours, shapes and textures of your property.


Lighting your home is an effective way to deter residential crime and keep out unwanted intruders. Although lighting cannot prevent crime, statistics show that a well lit home is much more likely to deter potential criminals.


Motion tripped floodlights are a great way to protect your home and save energy at the same time. Your floodlights only turn on when you need them instead of running all night long.


Avoid any accidents with a well-lit yard or garden. Landscape lighting accents pathways, stairs or any other potentially hazardous areas within your yard, helping you to navigate safely around your property, while enjoying its beauty at the same time.

Added Value

Landscape lighting makes your home stand out from the rest. Professionally placed lighting can add value to your property by improving the appearance of your home and landscaping, accenting the architecture and illuminating its charm. Outdoor lighting is a worthwhile investment that adds security, beauty and serenity to your property. No home is complete without landscape lighting design by Inland Northwest Electric. Take advantage of this opportunity to illuminate the beauty of your home and your landscape and speak with one of our landscape lighting experts. Our team of professionals will walk you through the process, provide upfront pricing and help turn your dreams into a reality. Simultaneously increase the security, safety, ambiance, beauty and value of your home. Our professionals are ready to help you light the way to more beautiful surroundings. Contact us or schedule an appointment online today!
Don’t forget the most important touch this holiday season, the twinkling lights outside your home! Be the home that everyone stops to admire when they drive by. Create the magical and whimsical memories you and your family will always remember.


Finishing the lighting seems totally impossible with all you have to do this holiday season. Don’t get overwhelmed; just call one of our friendly service professionals to help you show off your exquisite holiday home. Sit back with a cup of hot cocoa by the warmth of the fire and let Inland Northwest Electric hang the holiday lights you desire. Tis the season to decorate! Call us today to complete your home or business winter wonderland!


There is more to holiday lights than just bulbs on a string. They can completely transform your landscaping décor. You can choose from snowflakes, icicles, bubble lights, fiber optic lights, multicolored bulbs, white bulbs, LED lights, or incandescent lights and each type has a different appeal. With all the different kinds of lights, how do you choose the best type for your home? A holiday lighting specialist can help you choose the best combination of lights to suit your individual taste and home landscape.

Snowflake Lights

Snowflake lights are different from typical bulb lights and can give your home a completely different feel. These lights are a great way to beautify your home and be unique. They typically come in blue or white.

Icicle Lights

Icicle lights have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These lights come in white, blue, and multicolored. The advantage to these lights is that can add extra depth and dimension to a home because they hang down 6 to 9 inches.

Bubble Lights

Bubble lights started back in the 1950’s and are slowly making a comeback. Bubble lights can add a classic nostalgic feel to your home décor. These glass lights are unique because they contain different colors of bubble filled liquid.

Fiber Optic Lights

Fiber optic lights are unique and colorful. These types of lights are more often used in decorative fixtures than lighting strands. The benefit to fiber optic lights is that they can change to multiple colors giving you maximum flexibility.

LED Lights

LED lights are the latest trend. They have risen in popularity because of their energy efficiency and their vibrant color. These lights conveniently come in solid and multicolored strands. To be the brightest house on the street, you will want to use these lights.

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are the most popular type of lights on the market. They come in solid or multicolored strings and are good for wrapping around things like trees, banisters, and columns. In addition, incandescent lights are great for a budget because they are relatively inexpensive.

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When you need custom lighting for your business location, Inland Northwest Electric is the one to call. Our expert electricians can provide energy efficient, customized lighting for a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you’d like a festive lighting display for your storefront during the holiday season, better lighting for the landscaping around the building, or parking lot lighting, it’s no problem for Inland Northwest Electric. Lighting can bring a new look to your property or bring new focus and attention to a certain area, and also provide convenience and security.


At Inland Northwest Electric, we design lighting solutions for many small businesses all around the local community, and we’re familiar with some fundamental electrical and lighting needs all businesses share. We know it’s important that your lighting functions well and looks good without huge operating costs. Inland Northwest Electric electrical experts enjoy creating special-purpose lighting solutions for local businesses. We’re dependable and customer focused. We won’t rush your job to get to the next. We’ll design your project to spec, explain any options and get your approval. Then, we’ll install it right the first time. Before leaving your property, Inland Northwest Electric always provides a free electrical inspection of your business premises.


Inland Northwest Electric will help you trim your business operating costs with lighting designs that keep energy bills as low as possible. We will make sure your specialty lighting design includes bulbs that are energy efficient and install all fixtures and wiring to code. According to your specific design requirements, Inland Northwest Electric will create the perfect lighting solution to fit your business needs. Contact us to discuss your commercial lighting needs and schedule an appointment for us to view your location. We can get started right away. You can count on Inland Northwest Electric to brighten up your space!


Commercial ballasts limit the flow of electrical current going to fluorescent bulbs. This prevents them from becoming overheated and burning out. Lighting ballasts are matched specifically to the light bulb type being used.


Commercial fluorescent bulbs generate more heat and greater magnetic interference than residential bulbs, which makes proper installation crucial to avoiding fire risks or interference with your electronic equipment. Ask Inland Northwest Electric to evaluate your current commercial lighting setup for energy efficiency. We may have options that can lower your operating costs significantly. Transform and illuminate your space with the following types of custom lighting:
  • Landscape and Security Lighting
  • Surge Protection
  • Custom Lighting Design
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
Call on Inland Northwest Electric for all your company’s specialty lighting needs. Custom lighting is no problem for the experienced, professional electricians at Inland Northwest Electric. We also offer emergency service 24/7. Contact us today.

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